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Reliable Clothing Infra

Our In-HouseAbilities

Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has all the manufacturing capabilities in-house and we have an equally skilled and talented workforce to transform raw textiles into aesthetic and appealing garments.

Creation of Latest Fashions

A team of in-house designers and fashion creators constantly create new and latest designs to suit the ever-changing and ever-demanding client’s requirements. With access to the latest computer technologies and fashion trends, we ensure that our products are visually appealing and easily acceptable to customers of varied needs and requirements. Innovation and creation are the buzzwords around which Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. thrives and grows.



In-House Sampling

Sampling is an integral part of any garment industry. We manage a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who have their eyes set on the minutest of details. Our in-house sampling department has modern machines and state-of-the-art technologies for the development of quality samples for our customers. Our craftsmen develop excellent quality samples as per the styles chosen by the customers, including colors and specifications.




To showcase our exquisite and latest designs, Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has its own modern and fully well-decorated showroom. All the latest and sophisticated garments are aesthetically displayed for the discerning buyers to choose from.




Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. boasts of the latest in Computer-Aided Design. Our in-house pattern & maker makers incorporate their vast experience and talent to utilize the fabric in the best manner possible and reduce the input costs thereby giving you the advantage of reduced costs.


In-House Cutting

The fabric is cut according to the specifications of the design to the nearest millimeter. The skilled hands of our craftsman ensure that the fabric is cut strictly as per plan so that you get the perfect fitting garments. We have the capacity to cut 7000 to 8000 pieces per day. All the cut parts are individually labeled and bundled together for issue to the sewing lines.


In-House printing

Print adds value to a garment and gives it a trendy look. We do all kinds of print in-house and make sure its done in minimum costs. We have skilled workforce for the same who are also updated with the latest trends in garment print through special training. Design making, Screen exposing and developments are all done in-house under one roof.


In-House Sewing

To take care of sewing needs, we have a setup of 750 machines and a 1200 strong workforce. These are all geared to transform the cut fabric into a masterpiece with their in-depth knowledge of machine and fabric. Strict quality norms put in place by the company ensure that each garment passes all the international standards. Our in-house training and monitoring of the workforce ensures that they remain motivated and challenged to deliver only the best.




In-House Embroidery

Embroidery gives the garment a royal touch. We employ state-of-the-art Tajima machine which takes care of embroidery needs and gives us the product that is best as well as long-lasting. All samples are developed in-house on the latest Toyota sampling machine.




In-House Washing

Washing is also done in-house to give our garments the latest trendy washed look. A choice of the best machines in this field and the highest quality materials utilized in the washing process gives the garments a unique trendy look.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Department ensures that each product passes through a strict scrutiny and check at each stage of production before being sent for packing. Our quality managers ensure that each product going out of the factory is perfect in all respects. Special care is taken to see that the finishing is as per the client’s requirements. After a grueling cycle of checks and inspections, the garments are ready to be packed and exported to our esteemed clients.




Our containers are packed in-house with great care to avoid pilferage or damage to our goods. We adhere to strict norms while packing and stuffing goods in the containers. The containers are sealed at the factory premises. This gives us the added advantage of trust from our clients who value us so much for our in-house capabilities and potentials.







We have a set-up of knitted garments in Mumbai itself in order to meet demands of our customers who want us to do it for them.  We have successfully been able to cater to their increasing demand from us. Our annual production capacity in knits is around 12 lacs pcs.



ISO 9001 : 2000 QMS

To prove our commitment to quality standards of the highest international norms, we are gearing ourselves for the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Services certification. We will be one of the chosen few to boast of the ISO 9001:2000 QMS certificate. Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has put in place strict guidelines for ensuring quality and timely adherence to delivery schedules. We have motivated our workforce to deliver products which are free from all defects. Each production stage is monitored by a team of experienced and highly-qualified Quality Control Personnel. Our factories are functioning as per international norms. Since our inception, we have focused on maintaining strict quality standards right from sampling to packing. Everyone in Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. follows ‘TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT’ principles for achieving not only the best production, lowest input cost, but also a high-quality life for themselves.


Reliable Clothing Pvt. Ltd. fully understands the need to keep he workforce motivated and encouraged. For this, we fully comply with the international standards of compliance and ensure that each worker in our factory is both mentally and physically fit. Great care is taken to ensure the safely of the workforce. Issues such as Minimum Wages and Fair Trade Practices are the lifeblood of our organization. All our departments run smoothly and in unison with each other because of our healthy work environment. All our processes are systematically arranged to achieve the work efficiency others can only dream of. We are an export house which fully understands that compliance is one of the most important factors for keeping our organization in competitive form and for achieving the highest quality standards we have set our sights on. We leave no stone unturned to achieve this noble task. We have sucessfully completed the following Audits for our firm